Friday, January 9, 2015

Gmail messages are missing – reasons and remedies

Every Gmail contains many vital mails. If they disappear from the appropriate places, certainly that makes the mailers becomes more confusable. This is one of the most pertaining issues with the Gmail. Mailing and messaging are both vital for every user or that is what a mail is built for. If you face any issue in the Gmail report the issue to the Gmail technical support. Technical support of Gmail is the best recommendation from our side for the effective resolution of issues in the Gmail. Dial the toll free number of Gmail in case you need any issues or troubles in the mail. Contact them on today. 

Check the filter option in the Gmail mail- The new feature of Gmail is more compactable and convenient than the previous one. With the new Gmail inbox look the users can categorize or filter the mail as their wish that named as primary, social, updates, forums and promotions. The proxy server in the Gmail categorizes the mails, based on the enclosed content. If your mail is missing check the all such similar folders in the mail once again, if it is not fruitful check out the filter settings. Make sure that you didn’t alter any settings. If you practice this by mistake restore the Gmail to the previous versions. You can get the technical support from the Gmail technical support itself. Sometimes you might notice that some of your important messages are appeared on the folders rather than primary. The reason behind this, Gmail founded that the particular mail is not suitable for materialize in the primary folder. For instance if that mail contains promotional content, certainly that would appear in the promotional folder. But no need to worry, move that message to the desired folder and mark that message as important. Thereafter it will appear on the primary folder. For support and assistance contact the Gmail technical support.

Suspicious cases - A compromising in the mail is mainly occurred because of a weak password, in some cases it occurred because of a networking issue. Use a strong password always this would certainly help to protect the Gmail as well as its data’s.  In any cases do you feel that your Gmail is compromised or a suspicious activity is going on, change the password immediately. Gmail itself offers to check out the last account log in activity. This feature is displayed in the homepage of the Gmail. Check it once, if any suspicious log-in observed, report the issue to the Gmail technical support