Monday, April 13, 2015

Where in the world Gmail Customer support is?

Gmail- A frequently used word by millions of peoples. Gmail-the webmail has credited a total account
subscription of five hundred million users, day by day the subscribers count is increasing. Comscore (An Internet Traffic analytical organization) stated that Gmail has a total customer count of 600 million.  Better enabled features in the Gmail magnetize more users to join this platform. Gmail is scripted in simple language and encoded with good optional features including spam filter, Gmail apps, mail filtering and various customized features.  Features like these are many, but a question still remaining in the end-users; how to contact the Gmail customer support? Not all users are haven’t technically proficient as like its end users, so that is the reason why product support is certainly essential. This article is all about the narration of Gmail customer support and its associated details.  

Gmail users mostly having the issue with the password, password related issues happening when the users forgot the password or an anonymous person attempted to crack the password. If this trouble persists, certainly the access to the Gmail will became denied. In such times users can retrieve back the forgotten password through the alternate recovery methods that through the alternate email address and through the registered mobile number. Recovering the Gmail password is easy; however it is recommended to recover the Gmail password through registered mobile number. This is the trustier and easier option. Keep in mind that Gmail customer support hasn’t offering a live customer support for recovering the Gmail password. 

It is stated that, Gmail had more than 600 million users. Among these vast customer counts, 80% of their emails accounts are belong to free users. Literally, Gmail or Google won’t care such free users. Yes, but they provide offline support through the Gmail help page. You can find the answers of any queries that related to Gmail on that page. A search bar is enabled at the top of the page; type your query on that tab and Hit “Enter”. If you entered a correct keyword, your gadget tab will display the results that related to your query.

Apart this option, Gmail also had a support forum. This option is fruitful for free users; post your question in that support forum. You query will be answered either by a Gmail customer support technician or a contributor. Only genuine queries are allowed to post in this forum, queries that related to promotion, spam or insulting comments will be marked as spam. There are times to block such users email address without a pre-informed notification.

Now discuss about the Product Support for premium users, Gmail offers a good commendable support for its premium users. Premium users can get the benefit to talk with the Gmail customer support technician directly. Gmail offered a product PINcode for premium users. Enter this reference number to talk with the Gmail support technicians. Gmail customer support number for rest of the world is 1-646-257-4500.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Sign In Multiple Gmail Account ? Get process help of Gmail support team

If you have many Gmail account for different types of purpose for example if you have one is personal gmail account and another one for business mail account you need to open or switch mail account at a time on one browser (Chrome/ Mozilla) then what you will do? now don't Gmail is offering fantastic feature which will help you to open or switch multiple account at once. This is so much simple process everyone can easily use this feature.

If you don't know how to open multiple account at a time then don't worry we have Gmail customer service team who is sharing this post which is helpful to open multiple account just following these simple steps.

Add your Gmail/ Google Account

1. open
2. Enter your Gmail account email address and password.
3. click on login button.
4. Now you are log In in your First Gmail email account.
5. You need to click on your profile photo or email address at the top-right corner of the page.
6. Now click on Add account from the drop-down menu.
7. You need to enter the username and password for another account you want to access, and click Sign in.

How to Switch Between these Account?

1. you need to click on your profile photo or email address at the top right of the page.
2. select the account you'd like to sign in to.

if you have any issues regarding this post then you can also call on Gmail customer service and technical support phone number which is toll free for USA Gmail users.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Gmail messages are missing – reasons and remedies

Every Gmail contains many vital mails. If they disappear from the appropriate places, certainly that makes the mailers becomes more confusable. This is one of the most pertaining issues with the Gmail. Mailing and messaging are both vital for every user or that is what a mail is built for. If you face any issue in the Gmail report the issue to the Gmail technical support. Technical support of Gmail is the best recommendation from our side for the effective resolution of issues in the Gmail. Dial the toll free number of Gmail in case you need any issues or troubles in the mail. Contact them on today. 

Check the filter option in the Gmail mail- The new feature of Gmail is more compactable and convenient than the previous one. With the new Gmail inbox look the users can categorize or filter the mail as their wish that named as primary, social, updates, forums and promotions. The proxy server in the Gmail categorizes the mails, based on the enclosed content. If your mail is missing check the all such similar folders in the mail once again, if it is not fruitful check out the filter settings. Make sure that you didn’t alter any settings. If you practice this by mistake restore the Gmail to the previous versions. You can get the technical support from the Gmail technical support itself. Sometimes you might notice that some of your important messages are appeared on the folders rather than primary. The reason behind this, Gmail founded that the particular mail is not suitable for materialize in the primary folder. For instance if that mail contains promotional content, certainly that would appear in the promotional folder. But no need to worry, move that message to the desired folder and mark that message as important. Thereafter it will appear on the primary folder. For support and assistance contact the Gmail technical support.

Suspicious cases - A compromising in the mail is mainly occurred because of a weak password, in some cases it occurred because of a networking issue. Use a strong password always this would certainly help to protect the Gmail as well as its data’s.  In any cases do you feel that your Gmail is compromised or a suspicious activity is going on, change the password immediately. Gmail itself offers to check out the last account log in activity. This feature is displayed in the homepage of the Gmail. Check it once, if any suspicious log-in observed, report the issue to the Gmail technical support

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is these are the issues that you facing with the Gmail contacts.

Mailing contacts are vital for smooth messaging activities. It is not practicable as entering the email id each and every time before sending is mail. That is the reason why Gmail technicians introduce a system that namely Gmail address list and auto sensing of the contacts. If you send, replay or forward a message Gmail automatically remember the contacts, and added to its list. In the next time when you need to send a same message to the same user you can found their email id from the sender’s distribution list. This system seems much more helpful to the mailers. For technical support and assistance dial the toll free number of Gmail customer care.

Sometimes the Gmail contacts made them little bit confusing. Technical support of Gmail offers the live technician support for resolving the issues in the mail you can contact them if you are unfit for finding a self solution. Here we listed few commonly occurred troubles in the Gmail mail contacts. Usually the Gmail mail is synchronized with the Goggle plus. Even if you not added your Google plus friend in your contacts, it will appear in the sender’s distribution list. If the same customer’s Google plus acquaintances count is high then it is too difficult to filter such mail. If you don’t want to mingle your Google plus to the Gmail mail alter your privacy settings or starred that particular imperative message. After that the particular contact will appeared on the top of the search list. 

Overall, to adding your personal contacts in the address distribution list; click the link “Gmail” that displays at the top left corner of the mail. See the sub option “contacts” and hit on the link. See the option “new contact” to manage the addressee. For support and assistance Contact the Gmail technical support. 

Only the Android version 4.0 auto-identify the contacts. Remaining all android version didn’t sense the Gmail contacts in the “to address distribution list”. You can upgrade the previous version of the android to the Android 4.0 for experiencing the features, if your device can support that version.  You can categorize the particular contacts as friends, family acquaintance and following. If you need more tag, choose the option “add new label” that displays at the bottom of that pop up. If you find any suspicious activity in your contacts that like contacts are changing , auto-altering of contact settings, new contacts appeared in your without your permission, spam activity in your Gmail connect to the Gmail technicians in the Gmail customer care.