Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to use Gmail Priority Inbox? Find Gmail customer support

Gmail is introducing a new priority Inbox feature which is most helpful to finds the messages and sorts them for you, and prventing email overlaoding problem. If you are new and don’t know how to use this features then you can take help of Gmail customer service team which is ready to help you 24X7 hours.
By this post you can learn the process to using Gmail priority Inbox follow mention steps:

1.       Go to the Inbox Menu which found on the left side of your Gmail screen. Click on the side arrow and select Priority Inbox option. 

2.       You have to wait still your priority Inbox option activates by Gmail. This process will not take much time.

3.       After activation this feature your inbox looks a little different:
Important and unread mail are now listed first.
Starred items are listed below in a second list.
All other emails are listed after the starred emails as the final mail list.

If you don’t want to see these actual emails, you can also collapse each set of headers using the tiny black arrows located in each header. Then end result will be appear very neat and clean.

4.       Manage your Priority Inbox. You can easily rectify mistakes Gmail makes in highlighting  the importance of your emails by pressing the tabs and stars at the start of each email line.  These tabs or stars option is helpful to representing increasing or lowering the email’s importance so your priority Inbox quickly learns your preferences.

5.       You can change it easily if you don’t need this option.  If you feel that you don’t need this priority inbox option then simple change it back. Do this by selecting the old inbox type in Settings
if you have any issue to follow these steps then you can directly contact with Gmail technical support team who is ready to help you.