Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Get Gmail Support to find answer how to receive phone calls in Gmail?

Do you want to use your Gmail Phone number for phone calls? don't worry Gmail technical support team will assist you here how can you talk online with your phone number which is updated in Google or Gmail.
your contact number makes your every phone ring and online in Gmail Email. If you have updated Google voice number, it can be use not only to your phones but also to Gmail Chat. you can pick up the phone calls and talk right in Gmail.

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Receive phone calls in Gmail find Process:
You can receive phone calls through Google Voice option in Gmail:

  • First of all check it and sure it Google voice and video chat is installed in right way.
  • Put at least one phone call from Gmail.
  • Go to the settings link in Google voice.
  • Now Go to the Phones tab.
  • Make sue that Google chat is checked under forwards to:
  • Now click on save changes
If somebody calls on your Google Voice number Google will ring or intimate an Incoming call alert.
  • Click Answer to pick up the phone
  • Now click on Screen option to send the call to voicemail then click on join and answer the call at anytime.
  • Now click on Ignore button to close the alert without answering.