Friday, August 1, 2014

Making the most out of your Gmail

Google rules the internet, there is no denying that fact and to access all the services offered by Google one needs a Google account i.e. a Gmail ID. The Gmail account is your ticket for unlimited email, online image storage, android, Google +, maps, drive and what not. Everything that you want to use from Google will require you to have a Gmail ID.

Benefits of Google Email Accounts

1. Fastest Email Services: Gmail is one of the fastest and most secure way of sending emails over the internet and with its unbeatable spam/junk removal system, it ensures that only the messages that you want to read reaches to your inbox.

2. Google Drive: Google offers 10GB of online storage to every Gmail account free which can be extended by paying a small amount of money to Google. The online storage is really helpful to keep the important resources at the tip of your finger. Users can access their data on their drives on the go, anywhere anytime.

3. Google Photos: Another 5GB of space to keep your photos at one place. Keep your photos in

Original pixels or store them according to your preferred size. Users can purchase additional memory from Google for couple of bucks.

4. Maps: There is no place on earth that is not on Google maps, you name it Google map will show it. Maps when integrated with Google Earth give a breathtaking experience to users. It is definitely a feature that a person should have in his mobile.

There are many other benefits associated with Google account and if you are looking for Gmail customer service solutions or looking for lost pass of you gmail account, you can also avail expert services from its customer care center. But here you only receive written based help which may not always prove suitable for many users. If you need an immediate solution for your email queries then you can also make contact with online third party support providers who have employed skilled and experienced technicians. From these expert providers you will receive prominent and pocket friendly support services.